in my skin - in meiner Haut short film, 60min, Alexa Mini, Filmakademie BW, dir. Anna Sophia Richard


the story of three different woman coping with violence in their relationships all told through their eyes.

director: Anna Sophia Richard

production: Astrid Schäfer

PORN PUNK POETRY short film, 40min, HD (Alexa), Filmakademie BW / ARTE / BR / SWR,  dir. Maurice Hübner


A male prostitute (David Schütter) is trying to escape his long forgotten feelings. The unexpected tender encounter with a young woman (Nadja Bobyleva) confronts him with his real desires and puts his whole life to the test.


director: Maurice Hübner

producer: Siri Nitschke

script: Kerstin Sophie Laudascher

editing: Christoph Griepentrog

production design: Philipp Eggert

sound: Markus Limberger